Drayton LP722 7 Day Programmer

The LP722 Mark 4 (Wired) from Drayton is a great dual channel 7 day programmer, with mostly excellent reviews across the board. It’s very similar to another model made by Drayton, the LP522 (MK4). In fact, they are almost indentical. The only real difference being that with the LP722 the user has the freedom to set different settings – on / off times every day of the week and weekend (the full seven days can be different).


The LP522 is slightly more limited, as in its a 5/2 programmer and can have different settings applied through the weekdays, but Saturday and Sunday would have to be the same. If this isn’t a big deal for you the LP522 would make a great purchase. However, it you want to be able to adjust programming settings over the full seven days with no limitations, the LP722 is a smart purchase.


Of course, other than being a 7 day programmer, the LP722 Mark 4 has basically everything that the LP522 (MK4) has. It can control both heating and hot water, has built-in powercut protection of settings, system versatility (pumped + gravity system compatible), Auto season time change, up to three on / off settings per 24 hours, light up display and Boost / Advance mode (emergency heat or hot water when out of timed / programmed settings).


Potential Problems / Faults

Like with the Drayton LP522, the main issue some users have experienced who buy the LP722 is with reliability issues. The programmer either totally fails within 1 – 2 years, or starts to develop some annoying faults that mainly affect the times at which the heating and hot water come on and go off (It can become random or constant). However, in faireness, some of these issues may not actually be the fault of the programmer itself, and the culprit can originate from a faulty valve or thermostat. So keep that in mind. Also, these issues are not very widespread, and the reviews for this model are overall very positive. It is a very good programmer for the price.

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