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With an aesthetically pleasing design, the Salus RT300RF (Not to be confused with the RT310i) is a great heating solution for your home. Among its positive qualities is the fact that it can be used to replace most types of thermostats and on top of that, it can perform effectively, regardless of the type of heating system you use. This means it is compatible with all-electric, gas, and oil systems. Furthermore, as with all of Salus’ products, you are granted a warranty of 2 years after purchase.


Quick Salus RT300RF Specifications / Dimensions

  • Height: 14.2 cm
  • Width: 12.2 cm
  • Depth: 10 cm
  • Weight: 481 g
  • Wireless
  • Volt-free switching options available
  • Frost protection


RT300RF Features

With the RT300RF, like some other models, you get a thermostat and a receiver. This definitely helps it stand out against some of the older competition. The thermostat and receiver work together to keep the temperature regulated by communicating through Radio Frequency. The Control Centre provides the user interface, enabling you to choose which settings you prefer that are then relayed to the receiver. The receiver will maintain the specified temperature until instructed otherwise.

The user interface itself was designed to maximise convenience, so it is very user-friendly. Everything is labelled very clearly, either on the buttons or on the LCD screen. The LCD screen is also back lit, so when you interact with the Control Centre, the information is visible and highlighted, adding to your convenience. Frost protection is another fantastic feature.

Once switched on, it will maintain a temperature of 5 °C in order to prevent any issues related to freezing. Of course, keep in mind that the frost protection feature is nothing new, it’s found in many other models, but can be extremely helpful in the colder months the year.

If you want to maximise the battery life of the thermostat, the RT300RF has the perfect solution. It features a Sleep Mode which saves battery life by pausing whichever function it was performing. If you want to switch it back on, all you have to do is press any key on the Control Centre.


Salus RT300RF Common Problems

The wireless capabilities between the Control Centre and the receiver are definitely impressive, but they are also the subject of some controversy. The communication between the two can be easily disturbed by other devices that may be transmitting on the same frequency.

Moreover, it is fairly common to have syncing problems where you input certain instructions, but the receiver does not register them. In fact, this problem is likely to worsen if there are multiple RT300RFs placed in the house (or many different electrical devices operating on the same frequency) as they might interfere with each others instructions. Granted, this is easily resolvable as you can place each device a certain amount of distance apart, but space can be a problem in some houses, so the problem needs to be addressed at the root.


To Wrap Up

The RT300RF is one of Salus’ most impressive products. It is not only comes complete with an efficient thermostat, but also an efficient receiver. It’s user-friendly design and energy-saving capabilities put it a step above the rest, but before you purchase one, you need to keep in mind that the wireless communication between the Control Centre and receiver can be very easily disturbed.

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