Timeguard NTT03 Immersion Timer

Lot’s of people buy the Timeguard NTT03 7-Day timeswitch, or a similar digital model because they want to replace / upgrade their old analogue (motorised) dial timer. Sure, old timers do still have their place. They work well, many are fairly reliable, and the prices are usually quite low. But some now see them as rather outdated. Digital timers, like the Timeguard NTT03, do offer some much welcomed features. While digital may not be as simple to use as turning a dial, the benefits can be worth the small learning curve.





Key features for the Timeguard NTT03 Immersion Heater Timer include: Easy to install, 7-day / 24 hour programming operation, up to 4 on / off periods each day, 2 Booster options (a choice of 1 hour or 2 hours), Internal backup battery (for saving settings if mains power is terminated), Advance / Override, 2 lights (red and green) which show “power” for red (always on) and “On” (green) meaning timer / heating on. A three year warranty is also included.

In comparison to a mechanical dial timer, which can be quite loud while in operation, the Timeguard NTT03 is much much quieter. The only noise heard while in operation is a very faint click when it changes from either an on or off period. It’s as close to silent as you can get right now with a digital timeswitch.

Some timers have a feature where the display screen backlight is constantly on. Many users dislike this and prefer the screen to light up only when the unit is being used. The display on the Timeguard NTT03 only lights up blue when being programmed / used (Time, Boost, Advance / Override etc). The light shuts off automatically approximately 20 – 30 seconds after the timer is no longer being operated.

One potential issue to be aware of with this model that some users have reported, is a rapid and constant increase in the speed at which the time is elapsing. Some users with this problem have sent the obviously faulty unit back for a refund. Others have successfully fixed the problem by performing a reset of the timer. This is very easily done by pushing in the Rst button using an object that has a thin pointy tip. Please refer to the manual if you need additional information. You can read / download the NTT03 / NTT04 PDF manual here.

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