Honeywell T6360 (B1028) Replacement

Honeywell T6360 (B1028) is a simple dial mechancial (wired) thermostat (analogue). If replacing an old, worn out T6360, the process is as easy as taking the old one off the wall, turning the power off, unwiring it, and then fitting / wiring the new model in the exact same manner at which the old one was installed. So its basically a direct swap / replacement. This model can also work as a direct replacement for the T6360B1002     The T6360 can be used with many programmers, such as the…

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ESI ESRTP4+ Digital Programmer

While not “Smart” in the sense of what that word means in the new world of super advanced heating controls, ESI’s ESRTP4+ (Wired model + requires battery’s) still packs a fairly impressive ranges of features. It’s well rated for its precision [although some would disagree], ease of installation and setting adjustments. Making it a decent choice for those who want a large screen digital thermostat with the versatility of 7 day, 5/2 or 24 hour programming capabilities at a low price.     Frost mode, holiday mode, TPI [helps boilers…

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SALUS RT310i Review

Keeping up with the latest technology, and not to be confused with the RT300RF, the Salus RT310i is another one in a now very long line of thermostats that can be controlled by a Smartphone. With the RT310i, you can run your heating system remotely by switching it on or off from the dedicated App on your Android or Apple IOS Smartphone device from anywhere as and when you need to. It also allows you to easily control and adjust the heating temperature locally on the thermostat. The RT310i is…

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Horstmann Economy 7 Timer

Like the Timeguard TRTD7N, the Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz has been made specifically for use within the Economy 7 time range. That is, of course, overnight when the electricity is running at a cheaper rate / tariff. Being analogue and operated by just two dials, many people who prefer an extremely easy to use timer will welcome its simple mechanical design. Pictured: The Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz     However, while it does offer a simple-to-use interface, when it comes to versatility, it’s quite lacking when compared to the Timeguard…

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Landis & Gyr RWB200 Replacement Model

One of the best direct replacements for the Landis & Gyr RWB200, is the Siemens RWB2007. Controlling both heating and hot water, It has similar features and will fit the exisiting backplate (industry standard) that came with the RWB200. This makes the swap over potentially very quick and with minimal hassle. Some of the features the RWB2007 has include: Easy to read large blue display screen, 7-Day (5/2 Or 7 Day) programming, Two Channels, up to 3 on / off periods each day, Boost and Advance options.     If…

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Danfoss TP5000Si / TP5000RF

The Danfoss TP5000Si can be considered among the best thermostats for combi boilers and underfloor heating. While pre-set modes can be a bit limiting, they get the job done and you will not feel as though the heating is inadequate. First things first, the TP5000Si is not a smart thermostat, so admittedly, there are some very convenient features that it lacks such as geo-location support. But homeowners have done without “Smart Technology” for decades, so it isn’t essential by any means.     Since it’s wired, in some cases it…

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Timeguard TRTD7N Economy 7

The Timeguard TRTD7N is quite a good timeswitch. Cheaply priced compared to some, and made specifically for taking advantage of the Economy 7 off-peak cheaper night time electricity costs, the TRTD7N offers a convenient range of built-in time periods to cover the Economy 7 tariff times in the UK. There’s also the option for the user to manually program there own timer options.     A digital screen and minimal buttons make this an easy unit to operate. Three separate on / off timer settings are available each day /…

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Horstmann H37XL Digital Controller

This Horstmann H37XL “Channelplus” 7 day programmer has 3 channels. This means its capable of operating / controlling three individual zones in a dwelling. Among many variations, this could be: 1st floor heating, second floor heating, and hot water control. However, it can be used with fewer zones, so don’t think it won’t be compatible if you only need to use it as a 2-channel programmer. It’s a very versatile unit.     Some of the main features include: Full seven day programming, 3 channels, 3 on / off settings…

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ESI ESRTERFW Screen Plus Dial Programmer

The ESI ESRTERFW mixes older and newer technology together quite seamlessly. The simplicity of a mechanical dial with the digital temperature accuracy of a mini LCD screen. Not only that, but it’s also kitted out with wireless [RF technology]. This model is extremely easy to use and fit / wire up.     This model also benefits from chronoproportional (TPI), a feature that can help with overall efficiency. One area where It helps is cutting the time a boiler is on for by working in unison with the boiler heat…

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Drayton LP522 MK4 Review

Drayton LP522 MK4 Programmer Quick Review. The Drayton lifestyle 123070 LP522 (MK4), great little workhorse, used extensively in council dwellings due to its very cheap price, good reliability record, high level of system compatibility, and the functionality to separately control heating and hot water. It’s what’s known as a 2 channel programmer that runs on a 5/2 day operation period (five weekdays + 2 days weekend), capable of giving the user the freedom to choose when heating and hot water will come on and go off to their requirements. The…

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