Honeywell Home T9 Motion Sensors

The Honeywell Home T9 WiFi Smart Room Sensor [RCHTSENSOR] makes easy work of controlling heating and averaging out temperatures in specific areas of a property. It will communicate wirelessly to the T9 or T10 [Yes, it is also compatible with the T10 Pro] Smart Thermostat and adjust the temperature to the users requirements.






The sensors can detect motion, or can be set to activate certain settings via a specified time, so they are very versatile. Different temperatures, or better standardizing for different areas of a home is made much easier with a sensor. But do be aware if you’re not familiar with Sensors and what their limitations are: All of the control features are still managed by the Honeywell Home App / T9 or T10 thermostat combination.

The sensors just give more freedom and control to manage heat / humidity levels and settings and information to specific locations inside the home. With just one Smart thermostat installed, that being either the T9 or T10, as many as twenty sensors can be fitted to work on a single unit. However, bear in mind that the sensors are sold in single or double packs, so it can start to get expensive if you need more than a few.

Each sensor takes 2 triple A batteries [alkaline]. Sensors will not operate as stand-alone heating programmers, they need to be connected / paired to either the T9 or T10 Pro [Resideo] Smart Thermostats. Compatible with models / package bundles [UK, USA and Canada] – Part Numbers: RCHT9510WF2001 – RCHT9610WFSW2003 – THX321WFS2001W – RCHT9610WFW2004.

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