Honeywell CMT927 Wireless

The CMT927 (or alternatively the CM927) is among Honeywell’s more controversial products. Fundamentally, it is a wireless thermostat with 7-day programming options and is capable of providing heating and cooling. However, it is not considered as one of their more durable units because its LCD screen is prone to problems.   However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The CMT927 is still fairly impressive in its own right. The feature which stands out most is the fact that it offers both heating and cooling. This is not standard among thermostats,…

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Honeywell Home T9 Motion Sensors

The Honeywell Home T9 WiFi Smart Room Sensor [RCHTSENSOR] makes easy work of controlling heating and averaging out temperatures in specific areas of a property. It will communicate wirelessly to the T9 or T10 [Yes, it is also compatible with the T10 Pro] Smart Thermostat and adjust the temperature to the users requirements.       The sensors can detect motion, or can be set to activate certain settings via a specified time, so they are very versatile. Different temperatures, or better standardizing for different areas of a home is…

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Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 825 Boiler

Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 825 Combi Boiler [Erp – 25kW] best price. It’s no secret that in this day and age boilers are not cheap. Actually, they were never cheap, even back in the earlier days. For that reason people always shop around to see where the lowest prices can be found in an attempt to take at least some sting out of the price of a brand-new boiler. And rightfully so. Some great savings can be made by taking some time to shop around and hunt down the best deals.…

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Hive 851816 Smart Controller

Take your heating to the next level with the Hive 851816 Smart Thermostat. This model works with conventional / traditional boilers and offers great automation. whether you need the heating or hot water to come on before you get home, or you’ve left it on by mistake [it can turn itself off], the Hive 851816 can be controlled remotely with the App via a Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, so there’s not much it can’t do.     Some models, such as the UK7000754, do not come with a…

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Horstmann Electronic 7 Box

The Horstmann Electronic 7 is a direct replacement for the older mechanical model made for Economy 7, the Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz (newer example here). Easy to fit, cost effective and fairly simple to use, It’s an excellent upgrade from the old Horstmann dial quartz unit into the digital world of immersion timers. Ultimately both models work the same. But the Electronic 7 is much more versatile, and more precise.     As well having pre-set timing options specifically programmed for off-peak Economy 7 usage, this model can be tailored…

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Honeywell ST9400C

The Honeywell ST9400C is a 7-day electronic programmer that allows you to set different schedules for both your central heating system and hot water tank. It has a total of 3 on and off periods during a day and comes with a variety of control options and features, all of which combined make it an excellent comprehensive heating management system for your home.   Features and Specifications For The ST9400C The Honeywell ST9400C comes with a large display, which is great for the programming process. It shows you the time,…

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Timeguard NTT03 Immersion Timer

Lot’s of people buy the Timeguard NTT03 7-Day timeswitch, or a similar digital model because they want to replace / upgrade their old analogue (motorised) dial timer. Sure, old timers do still have their place. They work well, many are fairly reliable, and the prices are usually quite low. But some now see them as rather outdated. Digital timers, like the Timeguard NTT03, do offer some much welcomed features. While digital may not be as simple to use as turning a dial, the benefits can be worth the small learning…

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Salus RT300RF Wireless

With an aesthetically pleasing design, the Salus RT300RF (Not to be confused with the RT310i) is a great heating solution for your home. Among its positive qualities is the fact that it can be used to replace most types of thermostats and on top of that, it can perform effectively, regardless of the type of heating system you use. This means it is compatible with all-electric, gas, and oil systems. Furthermore, as with all of Salus’ products, you are granted a warranty of 2 years after purchase.   Quick Salus…

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Honeywell T4R

The Honeywell T4H (110A1021) and T4R (Y4H910RF4003) both offer a great heating solution for residential properties that have a combi boiler (recommended but not essential). Reviews are widely positive across the board. Of course, while being similar in many respects, even in appearance, they are two entirely different models, and as a result they have some slightly different features.   There is some confusion with this, as some people are not sure about the whole T4H / T4R model codes and have ended up buying the T4H (110A1021) thinking it…

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Drayton LP722 7 Day Programmer

The LP722 Mark 4 (Wired) from Drayton is a great dual channel 7 day programmer, with mostly excellent reviews across the board. It’s very similar to another model made by Drayton, the LP522 (MK4). In fact, they are almost indentical. The only real difference being that with the LP722 the user has the freedom to set different settings – on / off times every day of the week and weekend (the full seven days can be different). The LP522 is slightly more limited, as in its a 5/2 programmer and…

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