Center EHE0200361 Wireless Programmer

When it comes to home heating, there’s nothing better to beat the colder months of the year than that of a reliable thermostat device. When you are hunting for a wireless temperature control for your household, you need a heating programmer that has a track record of being reliable and simple to program.



The more common up-to-date devices usually bear an LCD screen wide enough to show a clear display of the time, as well as the temperature of the house. The Center EHE0200361 Wireless RF Thermostat (Pretty much a Honeywell 707) is designed as just that. As well as being easy to program, with the option of auto, manual, etc,  all the functions can be customised for the preference of the user.

If you’re having trouble finding the Center EHE0200361, it’s basically the same as the Honeywell CM707, which is much more readily available.

The EHE0200361 wireless RF thermostat transmits commands using a radio frequency of 868MHz, and the signal is usually powerful enough, within a reasonable distance, to go through your house without disrupting the use of any electric equipment. WiFi signals are not, or shouldn’t be affected by the use of this device, so you don’t have to worry about a slow Internet connection.

The enclosed signal is specially designed to work in a two-way channel that doesn’t cross many other home related frequencies. So the chance of interference, such as can be the case with other forms of communicational devices using the common wave bands, should be somewhat eliminated. However, there are some reports of interference with other devices. As a result, don’t rule it out totally.



The EHE0200361 is battery powered, but it does have the ability (via an internal power source) to hold the preferred programming that is initially set by the user after experiencing a power cut or a long time with no use. The central unit can also be programmed to keep stable temperatures in the home depending on the time of year it’s being used. That means lower power and heating intakes in the warmer months of the year, with them obviously increasing in the colder seasons. Whilst this “tech” is nothing new, it can be quite helpful for households that run a tight ship when it comes to energy usage.

When you buy the Center EHE0200361 wireless RF thermostat, you get a capable device that’s also equipped with compensating technology. Being very bright, the LCD screen is well suited to the elderly and those with visual limitations. The main console also has a low-power indicator and features volt-free connectivity. The user interface is ergonomic enough to be handled with just a few buttons when the flap is down. There are more however concealed under the flap, each clearly marked and easy to understand.

The programming for the heating is versatile, offering the full 7 days, with as many as 4 temperature alterations per day. There’s also a copy mode, where the user can basically copy and paste the heat settings from other days to other days of the week. Very simple to achieve. Overall, whilst not without a few problems, this is an excellent device that offers a respectable range of manual and auto settings. It’s suitable for basic and slightly more complex systems. So equally suited for those who have a simple, regimented heating routine / lifestyle, right through to the more demanding households that have varied / random routines. Looking for the Center EHE0200361 RF user manual? You can find that available to read or download here.

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