Drayton LP711 Timeswitch

Very popular with council dwellings and rental properties due to their reliability and easy to use controls, the one channel seven day Drayton LP711 combi boiler timeswitch is capable of as many as 3 separate time settings per 24 hours. A great little unit that works well as a replacement for a number of other time switches.


The Drayton "Lifestyle" LP711 has a bright back light display, automatic summer and winter time change adjustment (clocks go back, forward, etc), advance boost button and excellent protection in the event that the system goes down (all programmed settings will be saved).

Horstmann 425 Tiara Programmer

With no digital screen and very few controls, the Horstmann 425 Tiara Programmer is as basic as they come. But just because it has that classic, old school timer appearance, it doesn't mean its not up to the job. This is a simple to operate but very effective programmer. It's as close to foolproof as you will find anywhere.

A lot of people buy this model to replace an older model Horstmann programmer, with reasons usually stemming from them not wanting or needing all the bells and whistles that the more advanced programmers have to offer . This model is a direct replacement for the older 425, and will also be a direct swap for other Horstmann models. Installation should be relatively trouble free.  

Quick Specification: 9 way standard backplate Diadem / Tiara 6Amp rated, Coronet 13 Amp. Troubleshooting: Want an explanation on how to operate the Horstmann 425 Tiara. Take a look at the simple video guide below.

The Horstmann 425 Tiara can control both the central heating and hot water. The intervals are 24 hours, all day, twice, and off. The mechanical timer dial (which operates in 30 minute increments) is capable of two "on" and two "off" commands per 24 hour period. Both the hot water and heating can be controlled individually. This model also has manual override. Overall an excellent no, nonsense programmer. But in reality, none are perfect.

Potential Problems / Faults

Whilst the Horstmann 425 Tiara (especially the earlier model) is a great programmer that should give many years of trouble-free service, there are a few reports of the clock stopping working. And also a few issues relating to the switches packing up.

However, the one area of concern that's most troubling is the feedback from some reviewers stating that the newer model isn't that reliable, and their particular unit stopped working after a short amount of time. Horstmann generally produce very reliable units so hopefully this is just a few faulty units that slipped through the net.

And if we look at any programmer, from any brand, whether that be Salus, Honeywell, Siemens, Danfoss or Horstmann, you will see that none of their products have a complete 100% positive, fault free related feedback from customers.

Where to buy. The most common outlet in the UK seems to be Screwfix. However, it is available in many other stores and online market places, including eBay UK, BES, BHL, Plumbnation and Amazon UK.

Center EHE0200361 Wireless Programmer

When it comes to home heating, there's nothing better to beat the colder months of the year than that of a reliable thermostat device. When you are hunting for a wireless temperature control for your household, you need a heating programmer that has a track record of being reliable and simple to program.

The more common up-to-date devices usually bear an LCD screen wide enough to show a clear display of the time, as well as the temperature of the house. The Center EHE0200361 Wireless RF Thermostat (Pretty much a Honeywell 707) is designed as just that. As well as being easy to program, with the option of auto, manual, etc,  all the functions can be customised for the preference of the user.

The EHE0200361 wireless RF thermostat transmits commands using a radio frequency of 868MHz, and the signal is usually powerful enough, within a reasonable distance, to go through your house without disrupting the use of any electric equipment. WiFi signals are not, or shouldn't be affected by the use of this device, so you don’t have to worry about a slow Internet connection.

The enclosed signal is specially designed to work in a two-way channel that doesn’t cross many other home related frequencies. So the chance of interference, such as can be the case with other forms of communicational devices using the common wave bands, should be somewhat eliminated. However, there are some reports of interference with other devices. As a result, don't rule it out totally.

The EHE0200361 is battery powered, but it does have the ability (via an internal power source) to hold the preferred programming that is initially set by the user after experiencing a power cut or a long time with no use. The central unit can also be programmed to keep stable temperatures in the home depending on the time of year it’s being used. That means lower power and heating intakes in the warmer months of the year, with them obviously increasing in the colder seasons. Whilst this "tech" is nothing new, it can be quite helpful for households that run a tight ship when it comes to energy usage.

When you buy the EHE0200361 wireless RF thermostat, you get a capable device that's also equipped with compensating technology. Being very bright, the LCD screen is well suited to the elderly and those with visual limitations. The main console also has a low-power indicator and features volt-free connectivity. The user interface is ergonomic enough to be handled with just a few buttons when the flap is down. There are more however concealed under the flap, each clearly marked and easy to understand.

The programming for the heating is versatile, offering the full 7 days, with as many as 4 temperature alterations per day. There's also a copy mode, where the user can basically copy and paste the heat settings from other days to other days of the week. Very simple to achieve. Overall, whilst not without a few problems, this is an excellent device that offers a respectable range of manual and auto settings. It's suitable for basic and slightly more complex systems. So equally suited for those who have a simple, regimented heating routine / lifestyle, right through to the more demanding households that have varied / random routines.

SALUS RT310i Quick Review

Keeping up with the latest technology, and not to be confused with the RT300RF, the Salus RT310i is another one in a now very long line of thermostats that can be controlled by a Smartphone. With the RT310i, you can run your heating system remotely by switching it on or off from the dedicated App on your Android or Apple IOS Smartphone device from anywhere as and when you need to. It also allows you to easily control and adjust the heating temperature locally on the thermostat.


The RT310i is a well-made, advanced thermostat with an LCD screen and an almost technophobe proof interface. The thermostat connects to a receiver and enables the user to control the heating level. These units hook up together wirelessly through a RF (Radio Frequency) signal @ 868 MHz. The improved Gateway helps connect the thermostat to the Internet, and helps manage heating from the App installed on your Smartphone. Using the App on your Smartphone allows you to control and program many features remotely, making things much more convenient for those who love using smart technology.

SALUS RT310i Quick Specification / Features

Remote control via the RT310i App on your Smartphone or PC. Heating and cooling capable, it's compatible with Android or iOS (Apple Mac) devices. More features include manual key function. Geo-location capabilities, Holiday Mode, Sleep Mode, Frost Mode, Internet ready, Manual override, Radio Frequency test function (Pre-paired), C/W RT310I Internet Gateway, Switching Volt free output and 230V, 16 AMP relay switching, 868 MHz, blue LCD backlight. The unit runs on 2 AA batteries. The SALUS RT310i also comes with a Five-year warranty.

Problems / Potential Issues

For some users the SALUS RT310i thermostat may have weak software and firmware. The dedicated RT310i App has been known on occasion to not function properly. In some cases, it may fail to make the connection. There may be pairing issues between the programmer and the Internet receiver. Disconnects can be common if you're unfortunate enough to be plagued by this problem. There are also some complaints relating to poor technical assistance from the manufacturer. But overall it can potentially be a fairly solid system, as there are some people who love using it and have never had any problems at all.

The SALUS RT310i is a suitable choice if you are searching for a cost effective room thermostat that is very easy to operate. You can easily install the programmer on the wall or counter in your home and manage the heating setting manually on the device or remotely from your Smartphone. The SALUS RT310i thermostat, while not without some bad reviews, is a fairy efficient unit. Well worth a look if you're looking for a cheap way to achieved a high level of automation.

Honeywell ST7100 Swap / Replacement

Everything about the Honeywell ST7100 is rather basic, and for some people quite outdated. But that's not always a bad thing. This is an extremely reliable thermostat that's capable of running a whole host of different home heating and water systems / set ups. It's a 7 Day 2 Channel Programmer that's very easy to use, making still a popular choice even now. A good, easy to perform swap, or direct replacement for this unit is, of course, the exact same model. This poses the least hassle if you're someone who wants to be up and running quickly and with minimal fuss.

Honeywell ST7100 Swap / Replacement

Unfortunately, the problem is the sourcing of the unit itself. Due to their age, the Honeywell ST7100 is pretty hard to find for sale. Even on websites such as eBay, where vintage second hand thermostats are put up for sale regularly, ST7100's are rarely found. In fact the most recent used example I could find was from last year and that sold for over £50. So as you can imagine, if you need a replacement in a hurry, it's not a good idea to wait for the same model to come up at auction or on a heating supply website that deals in used condition spares.

The best thing to do is buy a newer thermostat that's fairly reliable as an easy to wire compatible replacement. One that springs to mind which, for most systems will require only basic rewiring, is the Honeywell ST9400C. There's no shortage of 9400C's available to buy online, both brand new and used. Most of the time a new backplate + minimal wiring (Earth not required for the ST9400C) and the replacement unit should work just fine. Another consideration worth swapping the 7100 with is the cheaper Honeywell ST9400A (24 hour 2 channel programmer).

However, if you want to enhance your heating experience and make things more "Smart", controlling heating settings remotely (via the App on Smartphone or PC), you can always replace the ST7100 with a Smart thermostat, such as a Nest or Hive device. Of course, depending on your specific set-up, this can be a bit more complicated to get up and running.

There are a lot of helpful guides online that show exactly how to do this. Some offer a complete walkthrough, showing wiring diagrams, potential issues you may encounter, and basically giving the laymen a complete installation tutorial step by step from start to finish. Here's a helpful page regarding the wiring setup if replacing the ST7100 with a NEST. And another source with lots of information about swapping the ST7100 with a Hive. Much more available on the Internet.